Viadon carries the highest quality, American-made green polyester masking tape around. It is simply the best 400F powder coating / anodizing / ecoating / plating masking tape. And bonus! It hasn't sat on in a hot container for 6 to 8 weeks across the Pacific Ocean before ever making it to your facility. Our green polyester tape is freshly made, and slit-to-width our our digitally-controlled slitter. So it arrives to you at least 6 to 8 weeks less after manufacture than our competitor's tape that comes from overseas, ensuring you the longest-life material you can get. 

And now? Viadon has this top-quality material on sale this month, for just $4 / inch of width. Give us call today - we can slit it to nearly any width you need, all the way from 1/8" up to 58" wide.  

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Powder coating tape on sale